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Not every artist has the support of an agency or even a management when he steps out into
limelight for first time. Which is why it is very important to be street smart in the fundamental fields such as contract design, contract review, marketing and advertising.

We tutor you, how you need to negotiate contracts and documents, how you set them up and how you make them admissible in law.

As the language in international law of contract is English – and as the contracts according to that are verbalized also in English language, the seminars are bilingually. English & German.

We impart the most important Basics (even though an artist does not necessarily needs knowledge in apparent or obvious defects of goods) such as:


Contract form & formation

Contract Terminology key legal terms & phrases, translations & interpretation

Liability, Remedies & Breach liability, fault & remedies (not attending to a show), contract breach

Contract Structure and Organization preamble, signatures, initials, headings, structure & attachments

Drafting & Interpretation basic principles, rules of construction & Legal English

Standard Types of Clauses law, language & jurisdiction, entire agreement & severability

Typical Boilerplates & Special Issues deadlines, penalties, retention of title, assignment & novation/deposit

Liability Limitation rules on limitation & exclusion of liability, indemnification, consequential & indirect damages

Warranties & Guarantees etc warranty period, effects of guarantees, Template Contract/drafts,  Collateral clauses, Boilerplate Clauses



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